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Shawn McConnon's

50 Secrets To Play

Your Best Golf Ever!!

This is the Robin to your Batman… Only it’s much better than Robin. 

It’s like having Superman and all his powers as your sidekick… guiding you to golfing glory. 

Imagine... having the 50 best golf tips at your fingertips... Many which will improve your game instantly...

It's ultimate shortcut to playing better and more enjoyable golf.

Why trust me?

I’m Shawn McConnon and besides creating the best golf glove ever made...

Over the last decade... I’ve been sharing golf’s best tips. In fact, you probably landed on this page from one of my game changing tips. 

I spent years learning and discovering how amateur golfers can improve...

I’ve taken some of the best courses from guys like: Sean Foley (Tiger’s old coach) Clay Ballard (Top Speed Golf), Athletic Motion Golf and read countless books to improve my game. 

I’ve spent thousands on improving my game and some of those courses can easily costs hundreds of dollars. 

Heck… one golf lesson can cost $100.

And I believe…

I’ve created the quickest and most affordable way for you to play better golf. Almost instantly.

But don’t take my word for it…


"Shawn this is the Bible of golf tips... I've never seen something so condensed yet so valuable in golf instruction..." -Pat


Shawn, I've been engrossed by it for days - I read something, then I have to go try it - and what I try works!

 I love everything about this collection! Golf is a labor of love for all of us, and the love and the effort you put into "50 Secrets"...let me just say, you've got a real winner here!

This will become the go-to resource for any golfer who buys it, any skill level from 25+ handicappers to scratch and better!



Very well written and easy to read. Covers all phases of the game from Driver to Putting.

Great ideas and common sense approach. Links are added in for different parts of your game. The instructors are spot on and easy to follow.

This book will be a great investment for you and your game. Shawn, Great job.

Coach Jerry


I just finished the book. All I can say is WOW! I did not know what to expect from it when I first started reading.

Right out the gate I have to say I really enjoyed it. The layout/format used was perfect. It was an easy read but so full of information.

I like how each section is broken out for example: driving secrets, swing secrets, short game & putting.

In each section there are multiple tips then some have a video to follow this tip. This really helped me to visually understand what I had just read...



I bought the book and read only a few pages of driving tips.  (limited time before my guys tee time)

When I read #5, I had to stop and reread this.

My guys commented that several of my drives were the best drives they had ever seen me have.  (play once a week with them, 15 times a year for several years)

2 drives were apx 10 yards longer  (with tight draw)   Note; we play at the same course, so we are very aware of where a guy normally drives.


How about this for a testimonial?!?!


I'm a retired engineer and I tend to over analyze the golf swing. Two of your tips have completely changed my thinking.

Tip #8 is a light bulb moment for me. I'm guessing a lot of golfers can improve by using this concept. This will act as my stop sign when I'm working on things. It's like a guiding light for the golf swing. It might be the most impactful tip if golfers really think about it.

Tip #17 pairs well with the above tip. Having the idea that the golf swing is... (tip inside the book) will help me in my golfing journey. I highly doubt golfers view the swing this way, I know I didn't.

Oddly enough these are one of the few tips that don't have a video nor is a video needed. These 2 tips are golden for golfers who over analyze the golf swing.

Well done,


What you get...

50 Secrets To Play Your Best Golf

Driving Secrets

7 driving tips you can implement immediately for longer and straighter drives.


  • The 6 inch secret pros use to help square the face to hit higher launching and longer drives. Tip #2. 
  • How the pros use a shaft concept to reduce spin and bomb drives. Tip #3.
  • A simple clubhead trick that gives you a powerful release and turn. Tip #5.
  • How pros use a simple setup technique to almost guarantee success. Many amateurs do the exact opposite. Tip #7.

The best thing... All of these can be implemented immediately. You won't believe the results.

If you could fix your driving distance and accuracy once and for all... What's that worth to you?

These tips alone are easily worth $100. 

Swing Secrets

21  swing tips that will transform your ball striking...


  • What you absolutely need to know to be a consistent ball striker. This one tip will put the golf swing into perspective. Tip #8. 
  • The #1 trail arm mistake every amateur makes. Fixing this will drastically improve your consistency and low point. Tip #10.
  • How to move your lower body first, by not moving your lower body first. This will shock you and it's backed by science. Tip #20.
  • The shoulder move to better consistency and power. This makes your pivot so much easier. Tip #28.

Swing Secrets will have you thinking about your golf swing in a completely different way. A lot of amateurs do the opposite of what they should be doing.

Your swing will be changed forever...


I didn't stop there...

Short Game Secrets

7 short game tips to help you shoot lower scores...


  • How the pros use a specific body part to make sure they ball first contact. Say good-bye to duffed chips. Tip #30. 
  • A simple short game system for you to be a maestro around the greens. Tip #32.
  • The #1 thing you need to do if you want to have a good short game. Tip #35.

Now you will actually a short game plan instead of aimlessly trying to get up and down.

"WOW! Shawn's that's a ton of value... What else??

Don't worry I got you...

Putting, Bunker & Practice Secrets

Another 15 game changing tips...


  • How to calibrate your eyes. Most amateurs aim completely wrong when putting. This will show you the way to hole more putts from 10 feet and in. Tip #39. 
  • A simple way to gauge distance for lag putting. I created this and I have never seen anyone reveal this secret. Tip #41.
  • How to play both fluffy and firm sand lies. Tips #42-#47.
  • The practice technique to improve your game the fastest way possible. Tip #48. 

BUT... I'm not done yet...

Over 40 curated videos to see the tips in action!

You'll see pros or other golfers actually demonstrate them for you. These weren't just random tips... They're proven tips!

That's 50 game changing tips with over 40 videos to take your game to the next level. 

All in an easy formatted e-book with links to each video. Delivered instantly.

I believe this is guide will be one of your most valuable golf teachers. These tips have completely changed my golfing ability. 

All for just $1 a tip or $50 total...

This book will be delivered digitally and you will have full access instantly. Because of this there are no refunds.

If you have any doubts whatsoever... don't buy it.

Follow along  with my current email tips until you feel comfortable.