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2 Simple Arm Tips to Improve Your Swing Fast!

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Training starts at 9:55 minute mark

Here are the links to the 2 videos seen in the training...

The below polls and information follow the format of the video and provide some context...

Poll #1: Which motion in the trail arm has the most influence on impact?

Straightening/Bending is the correct answer

The Trail Arm Move

  • Do not bend your trail arm more than 90°

As mentioned in the video almost every pro does not bend their trail arm more than 90° in the backswing. This causes unnecessary movement in the downswing. 

The momentum of having to undo all that bending causes the club to get flippy at impact. 

As we can see from the video the amateur had to work 66% harder than the pro from the top of the swing.

Poll #2: How much time does it take from start of downswing to impact?

.25 is the correct answer

Poll #3: Which motion in the lead arm has the most influence on impact?

Adduction is the right answer

The Lead Arm Move

  • Do not adduct your lead more than 25 -30 °

Adduction or arm moving inline towards your body is another costly movement for amateurs. In this video the amateur moves their arm more than twice than the pro. No pro mentioned was above 24°, I am sure some are so try and keep your adduction below 30°. Most amateurs are way higher.

Each minute on a clock represents 6° so this means pros never pass the 5 minute mark when adducting their lead arm in the backswing. Use this as a reference for your own swing.

The amateur in the video had to work twice as hard to move their arms into a good impact position. There is just not enough time in the downswing to correct this additional and unnecessary arm adduction/movement.

Closing Remarks...

Essentially we are already doing these 2 moves as amateur golfers, but we are overdoing it and making the swing harder than it needs to be. 

There is just not enough time (.25 sec) in the downswing to get our arms in a good position at impact if we bend our adduct to much with are arms. 

The great thing is this is an easy fix, we just need to do less to gain better impact and more consistency. 

**Important** You will have to exaggerate these lesser movements. The momentum of the swing will add to any movement.

  • It will probably have to feel like you are not straightening your trail arm at all. 
  • It will also feel like you are are not adducting (moving arm across your body) your lead arm at all. 

Happy Golfing,


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