Short Game

Short Game Recipe

3 Modules 0 Chapters 10 Lessons

In this course you will master the short game. The Short Game Recipe will prepare you to shoot lower scores and get up and down more often.

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Course Structure

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4 Lessons


To become a great putter we will be covering 3 things. 

  1. How to calibrate your eyes to make sure you are aiming correctly
  2. Find your natural putting stroke
  3. How to lag putt more efficiently
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4 Lessons

Pitching & Chipping

Learn the secrets to pitching and chipping it close. You'll gain more confidence with your motion and avoid fat and thin shots.

Controlling Trajectory

You will learn how to control your trajectory and what type of shots to hit and when. 

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2 Lessons

Bunker Play

Get it out of the bunker every time with these tips.

Get Out Every Time

Never leave it in the bunker again!

Bunker Set Up

Learn the proper set up for bunker shots.