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Get the feel of premium Cabretta leather with breathable mesh backing for added comfort.

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Eric Cogorno UpGlove Golf Glove

Eric Cogorno

YouTube Star & Golf Coach

The glove is as good as any other glove I've had and the price is half as much.

Mesh Flex with Soft Cabretta = Comfort + Feel


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Tom Saguto, PGA

YouTube Star & Golf Coach

I SWEAT like a waterpark so I need a glove that’s going to be able to withstand not only constant wear and tear from beating hundreds of range balls and refining my swing , but I also need a product that can handle the HEAT and moisture. This glove is fantastic, the leather front gives me the soft, tacky feel of top of the line premium gloves along with a mesh back that enables my hand to breathe in hot and humid conditions. I wasn’t able to find a glove like that until I discovered UpGlove. UpGlove gives me the best of both worlds – feel and comfort. I can refreshingly say that this is THE glove for the avid golfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these gloves any good?

The UpGlove is made with premium materials including soft Cabretta leather. We also use the same makers as big brands. So yeah... they're better than good. 

When do my gloves ship?

UpGlove ships for free on the 15th each month. You can also pay $4.99 to have your gloves shipped out in 1-5 days for your initial purchase.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No. You only pay for what is being shipped. There are no extra costs. 

What if I don't play often?

We offer one-time purchases for folks who want to feel us out or don't need a plan. We also offer an every 4 months shipping option on our plans.

How do I cancel?

We don't hold you hostage. You can login to cancel or just send us an email.

Customer Reviews

Patrick Munro

Golf Enthusiast

"Not only is this a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, but the excellent UpGlove team has done a phenomenal job backing their claims. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just a glove, it's a game changer."

Max Denton

Golf Enthusiast

"Got my new UpGlove today and man this is by far the best golf glove that I have ever put on my hand. These guys seriously got it right. My club literally sticks inside my hands with no movement."

Big on Feel. Small on Price.

Stop getting ripped off at the pro shop for a decent golf glove.