By Shawn McConnon

November 2, 2020

2 Easy Drills/Tips To Improve Your Impact Position

Do you want 2 simple tips to improve your impact position fast?

The moment of truth or the impact position in golf is the holy grail of the golf swing. It's also one of the areas that amateurs fail the most at.

Often we worry so much about the backswing, transition and downswing we can overlook the only thing that truly matters... how the club is being delivered to the ball. 

Nail Your Impact Position

Milo gives you a couple of drill and tips in this video and they are simple to do indoors or at the range. Also check out Milo's YouTube channel Golfletics for cool golf tips/drills.

For me, working on getting open in the downswing has been a game changer in getting a more consistent impact and reducing face rotation. 

I have a more predictable ball flight and feel more confident in each swing. 

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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