UpGlove got started by solving a simple problem with golf gloves. Our founder, Shawn, got sick of paying $20 for a decent golf glove. This was if he thought about buying before he played and if he forgot then he would pay $24 at the pro shop for soft top-grade cabretta golf glove. He knew there had to be a more affordable and convenient way to buy golf gloves. 

So he designed a glove that would provide all the benefits of a traditional soft top-grade cabretta glove and even enhance the comfort and feel. The back of the UpGlove is made with a mesh-flex material that breathes better and adds additional comfort. This keeps the golf glove from getting that 'crusty' feeling. The palm of the glove is a true thin and soft top-grade cabretta leather that every golfer craves. 

He then developed a model that would never leave a golfer getting ripped off at the pro shop with a flexible subscription model that suites every type of golfer. So whether you play a little or a lot your needs can be met and never worry about shelling out $24 for a golf glove. 

This allows golfers like you to save big on golf gloves and get a great glove for less than $10!


2020 Golfers Authority

Best In Golf Winner 

Pauly's Pick