By Shawn McConnon

January 19, 2022

Keeping Your Head Still Could Be Hurting Your Swing

Keeping your head as still as possible is not something professional golfers do.

I'm not saying it should be moving all over the place, but your head needs to move a bit if you want to be athletic. 

If you don't move your head at all you could be sacrificing distance, tempo and flow in your swing.

Ben Hogan Did Not Keep His Head Centered During the Swing

As you can see in the video Ben Hogan moves about half of his head to his trail side.

This is very indicative of most professional golfers. 

It also promotes a natural movement we should be incorporating in the golf swing.

Ben Hogan Head In Golf Swing

Ben Hogan not keeping body or head still in the backswing.

Do You Move Your Head in the Golf Swing?

Drop a comment below and let me know if you try to keep your head still or if you move it a bit.

Have you tried keeping it still?

Have you allowed it to move?

Let me know...

Happy Golfing,


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