By Shawn McConnon

June 7, 2023

Unlocking Your Chipping Potential with Fluid Body Movements


Chipping can be a daunting aspect of golf for many players. The fear of mishitting the ball or looking foolish often leads to stiffness and static movements, resulting in less than desirable chip shots.

However, there is a chipping drill that has been revolutionizing the way golfers approach their chipping game, boosting their confidence and overall perception of chip shots.

In this article, we will explore a game-changing drill that encourages fluid body movements, enhances strike quality, and helps gauge distance more effectively.

Avoid being static with chip shots

Unlocking Fluidity: Breaking Free from Static Chip Shots

The traditional approach to chipping involves limited body movement and rigid, anxious hands. However, the key to better chip shots lies in encouraging fluidity and synchronized movements. By eliminating the misconception that minimal movement ensures better results, we can improve our chipping game significantly.

Gauging Distance and Strike Quality

To achieve optimal chip shots, it's crucial to strike the ball forward while allowing your body to assist in the movement. This synchronization aids in gauging low point, strike quality, and ultimately, distance control. By breaking free from the static chip shot, you can enhance your overall performance on the green.

When you're fluid and have soft hands you have better feel. This feel leads to better control and strike. The outcome of this... is better distance control.

chipping distance with soft hands

The Chipping Drill

You can practice this transformative drill with any club, be it a 50-degree wedge, a lofted club, or a running shot. Begin by setting up for your chip shot, ensuring your ball position is slightly left of your zipper and maintaining a relatively neutral handle position. Avoid placing the ball too far back or forward, as this can adversely affect your chip shot.

Embracing Fluid Body Movements

The drill focuses on incorporating fluid body movements into your chip shot. Start by lifting your right foot's heel off the ground, leaving your lead foot grounded. Maintain even pressure distribution between your feet, preventing excessive forward weight transfer.

During the backswing, drive your right heel into the ground while simultaneously lifting the trail heel. Reverse this movement during the downswing, with the lead heel going down as the trail heel comes up. These rotational movements facilitate the transfer of energy from the ground up, allowing your arms to act as passive components in the swing.

chipping drill to avoid fat shots

This chipping drill makes it easier to achieve good contact. Image:

Avoid 'FAT' Shots With This Chipping Drill:

An essential aspect of this drill is avoiding FAT shots. By focusing on ground interactions and reducing the reliance on arm and hand movements, you can brush through the grass, minimizing divots and maximizing control. This approach cultivates delicate strikes and reduces the chances of crashing the leading edge into the ground.

This Chip Technique Works With Every Club

The beauty of this drill lies in its versatility. Whether you're using a high-lofted club or a lower-lofted club, the principles remain the same. By allowing your body to dictate the swing while your arms go along for the ride, you can achieve consistent and controlled chip shots with various lofts.

The chipping technique for every club

Final Thoughts On Chipping Drill

By embracing fluid body movements and breaking free from static chip shots, you can transform your chipping game. This game-changing chipping drill focuses on synchronization, strike quality, and distance control, allowing you to become more confident and precise around the green. Say goodbye to inconsistent chip shots and unlock your full chipping potential with this revolutionary approach.

Now it's your turn to experience the transformation. Incorporate this drill into your practice routine and witness the remarkable improvements it can bring to your chipping game. So step up to the green with confidence, embrace fluidity, and watch as your chip shots become a thing of beauty.

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