By Shawn McConnon

July 4, 2024

How you move your hips affects many parts of the swing. It sets off a chain reaction and is key to having a consistent swing.

With so much misinformation out there... I believe many amateurs have been led to believe something that's hurting their game. 

You don't need a big hip turn. It's killing your swing.

Over-rotating your hips is not a good thing. In fact... it can destroy your swing, as you're about to find out.

 Here's what we'll cover...

  • Why turning your hips too much is bad

  • Early hip turn is a swing killer

  • Move laterally to control rotation

  • Drill to get right turn and tilts

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The other day I came across this post in a golf forum...

golf forum reduced hip turn fixed ball striking

Why did it clean up his ball striking? 

 It comes down to time... You only have so much time in the golf swing.

 Think of it like this...

 The more you rotate your hips in the backswing.... the more you have to un-wind them in the downswing. 

 The problem is... you have very little time to do this. 

 It's common to see amateurs with more hip rotation than pros in the backswing. Making the swing harder than it needs to be.

 Look how little Ludvig Aberg, one of the best ball strikers, turns his hips...

Ludvig Aberg minimal hip turn

Early hip turn is bad...

The below quote was taken from Titleist Performance Institute...

If you're starting your swing by turning your hips hard...

You're making things more difficult and will get out of position. Which will hinder your sequencing.

Shift laterally to limit hip rotation...

Almost every pro moves the pelvis laterally to start the backswing. 

 This has been measured on 3D systems like GEARS.

 So don't feel like you're trapped and can only rotate. By moving laterally it will automatically help limit your hip rotation.

 You can comfortably move an inch or 2 off the ball (width of golf ball).

 **The key is to do it early and brace hard to limit the sway...

Do it with some force. You'll start to feel how the ground is pushing you back and helping you re-center and limit moving off the ball too much.

Get the right turn and tilts for your hips

Mark gives you a great drill to get the right amount of hip turn but also the right amount of tilt.

Tilting also limits your turn which is a good thing if you're over-rotating your hips.

Happy Golfing,


The Swing Insider Newsletter
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