By Shawn McConnon

December 9, 2022

Looking to see what hand your golf glove goes on? We got you covered...

Golf Gloves Go On Your Non-Dominant or Lead Hand

If you swing righty your golf glove will go on your left hand. If you swing lefty then your glove will go on your right hand. 

The lead hand in golf is the hand closest to the target. See image below...

golf gloves go on lead hand

The lead hand is the hand that is closest to the target.

Why Does the Golf Glove Go on Your Non-Dominant Hand?

The main reason a golf glove goes on your non-dominant hand is it has the most interaction with the grip of the club. 

This means it has to have the most gripping ability to secure the club. Since golf gloves are tackier than human skin it most useful for the lead or non-dominant hand.

Your dominant hand or non-lead hand grips the club mostly in the fingers and has very little interaction with the palm of your hand.

Can you wear a glove on both hands?

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You can, however, you will sacrifice feel. You will lose touch and awareness of the club and clubface. If you're a beginner you might not notice this at first, but you will if you wear a top-grade leather glove.

Most golfers prefer a soft Cabretta glove, as it gives them more control and accuracy when hitting the ball. The glove is worn on the non-dominant hand only, and is thinner and softer than other gloves. This provides better feel and tackiness (grip).

It's uncommon to wear 2 gloves except during heavy rain and cold weather. There are specific rain golf gloves that improve their grip when wet. Rain gloves are sometimes sold for each hand as well.

Some golfers also feel that 2 gloves can help their hands in the cold especially if they have arthritis which can make the pain worse.

Golfers may not wear a golf glove on short shots.

Golfers might not wear a golf glove on short shots around the green.

Should You Wear a Golf Glove For All Shots?

Generally, for all full shots a golf glove should be worn. It provides you a better grip when swinging hard. This prevents the club from slipping and provides added confidence.

However, some golfers prefer to use no glove on shorter shots (pitching and chipping) because they prefer to have better feel. Similar to putting where almost every golfer chooses not to wear a glove.

Why do golfers wear a glove?

Golfers wear a glove on their non-dominant hand for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is to improve their grip on the club (get the correct size golf glove). The glove increases friction and reduces slipping, which helps golfers maintain control of their swing.

Additionally, the glove helps protect the hand from blisters and calluses that can result from frequent contact with the club. Wearing a glove also helps absorb some of the shock of impact when the golfer strikes a ball. Finally, many golfers believe wearing a glove adds an extra layer of confidence, allowing them to focus on their game more easily.

A good golf glove increases confidence.

Studies have shown golfers are more confident with a glove on.

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