By Shawn McConnon

April 29, 2022

Get Your Head Tilted in Golf Swing

Keep your head down...

Your playing partner says as you swing your club.

This is the most overrated golf tip of all time. 

One thing you must do is keep your head on a tilt.

In this video Russell Heritage Golf does a great job explaining how your head should work through the impact zone. 

Keep Your Head Behind the Ball Not Down...

One thing that is universally true is Pros keep their head behind the ball

So instead of thinking keep your head down, think behind the ball.

When your head gets in front of the ball you will come over the top and dump the club.

Here's a great video of Adam Scott keeping his head behind the ball.

Give These Head Position Tips a Try!

Next time you are out on the range give these head position tips a try.

I think you'll find your swing path and strike improve. 

Happy Golfing,


About the author

Shawn is the founder of UpGlove. He started UpGlove to solve his own problem of getting an affordable player's glove. Shawn is a single-digit Handicap and loves to play different courses throughout Tampa Bay. He also enjoys taking his two doggies Brutus & Champi for long walks.

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