By Shawn McConnon

June 11, 2021

How to Move Your Lead Shoulder in the Golf Swing

One of the biggest mistakes I see in amateur golf swings is not enough tilt in the golf swing. Most amateurs swing the golf way flatter than touring pros. 

If you want better compression and the ability to stay in posture, you need to keep that shoulder in the socket and moving down. 

It's a simple and easy tip and honestly one of the best tips to get your swing on track. 

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Are You Moving Your Shoulder Down in the Golf Swing?

Leave a comment below and let me know how you move your shoulder in the golf swing. 

Do you move your shoulder down to stay in posture?

About the author

Shawn is the founder of UpGlove. He started UpGlove to solve his own problem of getting an affordable player's glove. Shawn is a single-digit Handicap and loves to play different courses throughout Tampa Bay. He also enjoys taking his two doggies Brutus & Champi for long walks.

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  • I took advantage of your tee offer. I really like the tees. Great product and value. Just like the gloves! Thanks for the tips. Love the AMG guys!

    • Hey Jim! Yes, those are the best tees on the market and we are happy to get you an awesome discount. Glad you are loving the gloves too, it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 Yeah, the AMG guys have some awesome content and I love seeing the movements in GEARS. Have a great weekend!

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