By Shawn McConnon

February 3, 2022

The CEO of the Golf Swing is the Clubface

If you can't square the clubface you can't play consistent golf. 


You'll be miserable playing golf because you'll be playing Army golf. Left, Right, Left, Right... you won't know which direction your ball is going.

Luckily Paddy Harrington is showing you a drill to learn clubface control like a Jedi Master.

I mean if Yoda played golf I'm pretty sure he would square the clubface every time, right?

Random Practice to Square the Clubface...

The fastest way to learn and transfer squaring the clubface to the course is Random practice.

Random practice has been proven to help athletes perform better and quicker than Block (repetitive) practice.

Here's a great article on Random vs. Block training...

This is what Paddy is using in this drill to help you develop a skill.

Square the clubface with random practice

Thoughts on Squaring the Clubface...

If you can develop the skill of squaring the clubface you will be a more consistent golfer and enjoy this great game.

What's your best golf tip on learning to square the clubface?

Drop a comment below...

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