By Shawn McConnon

January 23, 2022

Low and Slow in the Backswing is Dead??

Traditional coaching always taught you to have a low and slow or smooth tempo in the backswing. Science has shown for most people that hinders their swing speed.

Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, a leading golf biomechanist and co-founder of The Stack System, teaches that an "active" or more forceful backswing translates to higher swing speeds.

Your Backswing Move Needs to Be Active for Speed

Bryson Dechambeau has also talked about having an active or fast backswing. It's one of things he focused on when he was trying to increase his distance. We all know how that worked out from a distance improvement.

Your body will have to use force to transition and this kinetic energy will be transferred for increased speed.

New Backswing Move for Speed

An active backswing will produce more energy and speed in the downswing.

Is Your Backswing Move Slow or Fast? Drop a comment below...

Have you tried incorporating a faster backswing?

I think there is definitely some balance to this as you don't want to be reckless, but I bet a lot of amateurs would benefit from an active backswing.

What do you think?

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