By Shawn McConnon

November 18, 2023

best golf gloves for sweaty hands

Struggling with Sweaty Hands on the Golf Course? You're Not Alone...

I have struggled with this and it can impact your game.

This guide will show you the best golf gloves for sweaty hands and give tips on how to select and maintain them

Let's dive in...

TL;DR - Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands

The UpGlove takes our top spot. Now it might seem like I'm being biased but facts back up our choice.

  • Breathable mesh-flex
  • Perforated fingers for added airflow
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Rated 4.8/5 Stars
  • Affordable
#1 golf glove for sweaty hands

The UpGlove is our top pick for sweaty hands. The breathable mesh and moisture-wicking fabric provide comfort and reduce sweat.

5 Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Top 5 golf gloves for sweaty hands

1. The UpGlove Golf Glove

  • Premium Cabretta leather
  • Moisture-wicking interior
  • Breathable mesh-flex backing
  • Perforated fingers for breathability
  • Conforming fit to any hand

**Key Features:** The UpGlove is one of golf's highest-rated gloves. Its breezy mesh-flex backing breathes life into sweaty hands. This remarkable glove also has magical moisture-wicking powers. You can hold your club confidently because of its excellent airflow, comfort, and grip.

UpGlove #1 glove for sweaty hands

The UpGlove is ultra-breathable making it our #1 choice for golfers with sweaty hands.

2. Tour Preferred Flex Glove

  • Tactical ventilation
  • Flexible stretch nylon for airflow
  • Sweat-absorbing wristband
  • Premium Cabretta leather

**Key Features:** The Tour Preferred Flex Glove is crafted from high-grade Cabretta leather. The leather has holes for better ventilation and a nylon insert that stretches in four ways.

3. ‎Under Armour Iso-Chill Golf Gloves

  • Iso-Chill fabric pulls heat from the hand
  • Better breathability
  • Micro perforations for ventilation
  • Cabretta leather

**Key Features:** The Iso-Chill fabric helps pull heat away from you to keep your hand cool. Solid breathability with polyester and perforations, allowing it to dry quickly.

4. FootJoy Men's HyperFLX Golf Gloves

  • Powernet Mesh
  • Perforated fingers
  • Sweat-absorbing wristband
  • Cabretta leather

**Key Features:** HYPERFLX performance golf gloves are designed with a micro-perforated leather palm. They also have Microvent for moisture control and enhanced breathability.

5. Callaway X-Spann Golf Glove

  • Moisture wicking
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Adjustable closure
  • Terry cuff absorption

**Key Features:** The X-Spann 4-Way Stretch fabric offers dryness, flexibility, and sun protection. The stretchy cotton terry cuff improves fit and absorbs moisture.

Attributes of sweat-reducing golf gloves

Not all golf gloves are created equal when combating sweat. Here's what to look for...

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

The glove should have moisture-wicking materials on the inside to remove sweat. This keeps the glove light and dry.


Breathable fabrics, ventilation holes, and perforations allow fresh airflow to the hands. This prevents overheating and excessive sweating in warm conditions.

Snug Fit

A glove that’s too loose can slide around and twist the club. One that’s too tight will cut off circulation. Seek a snug contoured fit without constricting dexterity. Getting the right glove size is key.

Cabretta Leather

Look for Cabretta leather gloves. Cabretta gloves are tackier than human skin. Synthetic gloves are slicker and don't offer the same feel or control. Synthetic material for the palm is a type of plastic. That's where the word "pleather" or plastic leather comes from. It will trap in heat and make your hand sweat more.


Premium leather and synthetic overlays on high-wear areas increase durability for longevity. If your hands are sweating heavily... I'd recommend you stay away from really thin gloves like the Titleist Players Glove. They will get over-saturated and wear out quicker because of the thinness. 


The glove shouldn't feel rigid or restrictive. Seek four-way stretch fabrics that move naturally with the hands during the swing. These gloves have better airflow as well. 

What About Rain Gloves?

Rain gloves for sweaty hands when golfing

Contrary to popular belief... Rain gloves will not prevent sweat. However, they will perform better when they are moist. 

So they could be an option if your hands sweat beyond control.

A few things to consider with rain gloves...

Sweat Prevention

  • Rain gloves will not prevent sweat.
  • They tend to keep more moisture and sweat inside the glove compared to Cabretta gloves.

Feel & Sensitivity

  • You are not going to get the same softness and feel. You will not get the same tactile feedback as a soft Cabretta glove. This could impact your swing, especially on finesse or short-game shots.

Fit & Comfort

  • Rain gloves will not be as conforming to your hand. The fit doesn't have that second-skin feel.


  • Typically rain gloves will be priced higher. 

Overall... Rain gloves can be an option if you can't control your sweaty hands. Most golfers by following this guide will be able to manage their sweaty hands and will not have to rely on a rain glove.

Why You Need a Quality Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands?

A good glove can reduce sweat

A good golf glove is crucial for all players, especially for those who sweat a lot. Here’s why a high-quality glove is crucial...

Enhanced Grip & Control

The right glove helps you grip the club firmly without slipping. Materials that remove moisture keep hands dry and provide grip confidence. Giving you control to swing freely.

Consistent Swing & Performance  

Too much hand sweat can make you change your grip during a swing, leading to less consistent shots. The proper glove maintains a confident grip for smooth, repeatable swing mechanics.

Reduces Frustration

There’s nothing more frustrating than a club twisting or turning in sweaty hands. It damages confidence, tempo, and enjoyment of the game. The right glove solves this problem.

Prevents Blisters & Calluses

Repeated re-gripping and slipping can lead to hand blisters or calluses over time. A quality glove protects the hands and prevents this annoyance.

Provides Comfort

The glove cushions the hands and absorbs vibration and shock on mis-hits. This enhances comfort, especially if you play frequently.

How To Reduce Hand Sweat During Play

Reduce hand sweat when playing golf

Keeping hands dry is crucial for a solid grip in golf. Pre-round prep and on-course strategies can significantly help.

Here are some tips...

Pre-Round Preparation

Before you even step onto the green, it's smart to tackle sweaty palms. You wouldn't go into battle without armor, right? So why start a golf round with damp hands?

  • Wash hands, and, if your hands sweat a lot, consider antiperspirant soap.
  • Dry thoroughly with a clean towel.
  • Grab a spare towel to use during the round.
  • Clean your grips to avoid soiling your glove.

These steps are like your first line of defense against sweat. Think of them as putting on your game face – but for your hands!

Combat Sweat During The Round

As your round progresses your hands get sweaty. Here's what you can do to minimize the impact.

  • Rotate 2-3 gloves periodically throughout play.
  • Take your glove off after each shot. Allow it to breathe.
  • Use a dry towel to wipe your hands frequently.
  • Use a wristband to keep sweat off your hands.

Sweat's Effect On Gripping The Club

A slippery grip can impact a golfers performance

Sweat makes holding onto your golf club tricky. Your swing will suffer because of this slipperiness.

Consistency in your swing is key to good golfing. With sweaty hands, maintaining a steady grip on your golf club becomes difficult. It feels like trying to hold a fish... It can get loose at any moment.

This ultimately leads to less confidence and poor performance. Having an insecure grip will completely ruin your round. It doesn't take much for this to happen which is why it's important to get a good glove.

Glove Maintenance

golf glove maintenance

Taking care of your golf glove is often overlooked. Here are a few tips I recommend using...

Cleaning Techniques Matter

The right cleaning can make your golf glove last longer. Sweat can damage the material if not cleaned properly. Here's how to keep it in great shape:

  • Gently hand wash with water or use very mild soap. Preferably water for leather gloves.
  • Avoid hot water which can warp the leather.
  • Let it air dry; no direct sunlight or heat sources.

Dry Storage Is Key

Where you put your glove after playing is super important. Damp places are bad news for any golf glove:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Once dry, store your glove in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Never leave it crumpled in your golf bag.

A well-stored glove won't grow mold or smell funky. It'll be fresh and ready for your next round.

Replace When Needed

Even the best care won't make a glove last forever. Knowing when to get a new one is part of the game:

  • Check for stiffness, wear, or too much discoloration.
  • A good rule of thumb: designate to a range glove after 10 rounds.
  • Fresh gloves mean better grip and control.

A new glove can feel like an upgrade to your game. Don't wait too long to switch it out!


Q. What type of golf glove is best for sweaty hands?

  • It comes down to breathability and moisture wicking. All the gloves on my list feature excellent breathability and moisture control. I avoided synthetic leather because they have less airflow or ventilation. This will make your hands sweat more. I feel The UpGlove is a great choice because it's one of the most breathable options while being one of the most affordable. The UpGlove also has great reviews.

Q. What to do with a sweaty golf glove?

  • Lay it flat and allow it to air dry first. Don't put it into a bag or storage until it's dry. You may clean the glove if it's very soiled. With the glove on moisten it slightly, wipe gently with a dry towel. Then allow it to dry again. 

Q. What helps sweaty hands in golf?

  • First, get one of the gloves recommended in this post or an alternative option that breathes well. Second, rotate your gloves during the round. Take your glove off after each shot and wipe your hands with a dry towel often. Make sure your grips are clean so they have less of an impact on gripping the club. You could also consider an antiperspirant soap.

Q. Should I use a rain glove?

  • First... try the tips mentioned in this guide. If you still can't control your sweaty hands then... try a rain glove. They will perform best when moist and give you a confident grip. You'll lose some feel and comfort but it's better than having the club slip out.


The sweaty palm saga with golf gloves doesn't have to feel like you're holding onto a buttered-up golf club. 

Remember, the right glove can have a dramatic impact on reducing sweat. Whether you like the breathability of The UpGlove or one of the other gloves you'll be ready for a better grip.

Gloves with moisture-wicking fabrics and ventilation are key in selecting the best glove for you. Don't forget to rotate your gloves and use a spare towel during your round.

Enjoy a lot less sweat, more comfort, and a confident grip.

Happy Golfing! 


Just so you know, some links on this post are affiliate. Our recommendations are as straight as a well-hit drive, unaffected by any partnerships. We may receive a commission with no impact on your pricing.

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