By Shawn McConnon

March 3, 2022

Get the Correct Rotation in Your Golf Swing

The ball and the club can get in the way on how our body rotates in the golf swing.

Sometimes we just need to use a natural motion to discover the feels for rotation.

It's important when you do this drill to think about what you are feeling throughout your body.

  • How are your feet moving?
  • What movement are your ankles making?
  • What stretch sensation do you feel in your torso?
  • How is your pelvis moving?

Use The Ceiling for Golf Rotation...

use ceiling to help with golf rotation

Looking up and behind you can give you proper feels for a good backswing.

Do this drill first without a club. You are focusing on the feels your body makes for a proper turn in the backswing.

You can then add in the club to adjust it to your swing.

*Important* It's important to focus on quality of rotation and not over rotating. A bigger turn is not necessarily a good thing. You don't want to struggle. If you can't breathe at the top of your swing, you're over doing it.

Did This Golf Rotation Tip Help You?

I think this a great drill for golf rotation. You will discover the feels you need for proper rotation.

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Shawn is the founder of UpGlove. He started UpGlove to solve his own problem of getting an affordable player's glove. Shawn is a single-digit Handicap and loves to play different courses throughout Tampa Bay. He also enjoys taking his two doggies Brutus & Champi for long walks.

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  • OMG Thank you for that illustration on help with my turn.
    That may be the best golf tip ever for people like me who have had issues,
    restricted turn in their backswing. I’m 76 and I only bring the club back to
    about waist high and hit it about 210–230. I can’t wait to get out and hit
    some range balls when the snow clears to try this swinging a club. I still
    quallify for the State Am Tournaments but what a joy it would be to
    be 30-40 yards longer. I’m around a 6 hdcp, but hitting wedges into greens
    again would put me back in contention to win another club championship
    It’s so depressing when I am always the first to hit on the second shot in my foursome. I know they are younger but it has gotten me to overswing

    Thanks Again

    Chris K

    • Hey Chris, glad you liked it. It really is a fantastic tip. I’ve been doing it for the last couple of days now to get the sensations. I definitely am working on overswinging as well. I hit it pretty far I just don’t realize how much I am turning and taking club way past parallel. It just does not feel that way for me. So video taping has helped me reel it in a bit. Let me know how it goes once you get to the range!

  • Thank you so much for the tip . I’m looking forward to going back to golfing soon with my best friend. I will definitely tell him about it . I always read your golf tips and they are always the best . I have been following your journey over the years and you always give us the best guidances when it comes to swing. Can’t wait to see more 😀

    • Hey China, thanks for following over the years and happy that enjoyed the tip. If it made it to our blog you can be sure it’s a game changing tip. Definitely give this a try next time you are out. More great tips coming soon! 🙂

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