By Shawn McConnon

September 3, 2021


Never Seen Before Shoulder Movement in Golf Swing

Most amateurs do not move their shoulders correctly in the golf swing. This limits their potential. 

The fella's at Athletic Motion Golf are about to open your eyes to some insane knowledge on shoulder movement from new technology they've been working on. Prepare to enlightened.

The Real Shoulder Move in Golf Swing

In order to move your shoulders correctly in the golf swing you need to protract/abduct or another way would be to extend your lead shoulder. Conversely, your trail shoulder should retract/adduct or simply pull behind you.

A simple visual would to think about shooting a bow and arrow. This will help you get the feel of how the shoulders work and move in your golf swing.

Shoulder movement in golf swing

Trail Shoulder: Keep Arm Extended in Backswing

One important this is to keep that trail arm extended in the golf swing. 

Pro's always have more than 90⁰ in their trail in the backswing. This means their arm is extended.

The Correct Shoulder Movement Will Provide More Consistency and More Speed to Your Golf Swing

These shoulder movements will provide you a more efficient swing for added power and consistency. 

It will promote the proper rotation and keep the arms from getting stuck inside. 

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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