By Shawn McConnon

June 9, 2023

Debunking the Arm Swing Myth and Unlocking the Secrets of Professional Impact


In this blog post, we'll share three easy steps to achieving shaft lean at impact during your golf swing.

If you want to improve your game by mastering the secrets of professional impact positions, then read on... You'll discover the arm swing myth, getting the club in the right spot, and learn the proper delivery techniques to improve your golf swing and give you better results on the course.

Shaft lean at impact is not from arms swinging

Step 1: Understanding the Arm Swing Myth

When it comes to shaft lean at impact, many golfers come in with what we call the "arm swing myth." This misconception is visualizing that their hands travel across their body to achieve the desired shaft lean. In reality, this isn't what's happening at all.

Instead, the best players in the world achieve shaft lean through a combination of hip and torso rotation, as well as the proper lowering of their arms. So instead of focusing on wiping the arms across your body during the swing, it's essential to understand that your hands should remain on the trail side of your body until after impact.

This is because professional impact positions happen on the trail side; trying to force your hands in front of the ball and driving your elbow in front of your trail hip will only hinder your progress.

Club behind hands for shaft lean

Step 2: Getting the Club in the Right Spot

To achieve shaft lean, you need to get the club in the right position during the downswing. Ensure that the club is briefly below your hands before it reaches impact. Avoid tipping the club out over the hands before it gets below them, which creates a lack of shaft lean and a significant problem for many amateur golfers.

Instead, focus on keeping the club behind your hands, then let it pass slightly through and underneath them before the club tips out. This approach enables you to set yourself up for proper shaft lean without the added problems of scooping or a steep, over-the-top swing.

Maintaining lag can hurt shaft lean

This chipping drill makes it easier to achieve good contact. Image:

Step 3: The Key to Proper Delivery

Now that you understand where the club should be in your downswing, it's time to focus on delivery. As you shift and pivot your body, allow the club to swing through to the point where it's pointing back at you after impact. Throughout this process, ensure that your hands are positioned on the trail side of your body, which, combined with correct rotation and lowering of your arms, will result in automatic shaft lean.

It's essential to realize that trying to maintain the "lag angle" (the angle between your shaft and forearm) doesn't create shaft lean. In fact, attempting to hold this angle and add rotation will cause the club to tip out and result in less shaft lean.

Achieving Shaft Lean Through Proper Technique and Understanding

When you think about it... achieving shaft lean is probably easier than you thought. It's much easier to achieve these position and concepts.

By understanding the arm swing myth, getting the club in the right position, and mastering delivery, you can achieve shaft lean in your golf swing. A fundamental factor in improving your golf game, proper shaft lean encompasses the right amount of rotation and correct positioning of your hands relative to your body.

Focus on these components, and you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of the shaft lean at impact. With some practice and commitment to perfecting your technique, you'll be reaching new heights in your golf game.

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Shawn is the founder of UpGlove. He started UpGlove to solve his own problem of getting an affordable player's glove. Shawn is a single-digit Handicap and loves to play different courses throughout Tampa Bay. He also enjoys taking his two doggies Brutus & Champi for long walks.

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  • As high school golf coach I love the information you give on the swing and body connection. I enjoy your lesson and have implemented alot of your swing lesson in my teaching to students

    • Hey Mike, glad you love the tips. The AMG guys are great at explaining some of the misconceptions about the golf swing. Thanks for sharing.

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